At Smokers Depot LLC, we carry a wide variety of vaporizers. We only carry top quality products and name brands such as Kangertech, Smoktech, Vapeonly, Aspire and much more! Visit us today if you are looking for vaporizers in Greeley, CO.

The advent of e-cigarettes and vapor technologies has brought on fierce competition on the retail side of the industry. However, our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are more than willing to accept the challenge. Our vast selection of vaporizers may seem intimidating (especially to newcomers), but we are ready to walk you through the features of anything you might be interested in! At Smokers Depot LLC, personable service with affordable prices is our specialty.

To newcomers, the words mods, batteries, tanks cartomizers and drip heads might as well be in a foreign language. If you're interested in vaping then come in and spend some time with our specialists who would be more than willing to assist you. If you're more experienced, and you already know what you are looking for, then feel free to stop by and resupply on your vaping goods.

Here's an overview of some of our goods (though we carry much more):

  • Simple Vape Pens - vape pens are great for beginners! These discrete pen style vaporizers are easy to maintenance, and fire at low voltages (typically these are easier on the throat).​
  • Box Mods - Box mods come in many voltages, and often grant the purchaser access to sub-ohm builds. While that might sound confusing, it simply means you can start using sub-ohm tanks and RDAs for a much more flavorful vaping experience! ​
  • Sub-Ohm Tanks (RBA) - These tanks are step up from the vape pens. They produce bigger clouds and more flavorful hits. Additionally, they are easy to maintain (simply swap out the atomizer for a new one and fill the tank)!
  • RDAs - Rebuildable dripper atomizers are for the most experienced vapers, and offer the richest, most flavorful hits. These are more difficult to maintain, but we believe that anyone can learn to build a coil or do a cotton swap. Take a look at our RDAs if you're ready for the next step!​
Pick up your next mod at Smokers Depot LLC!

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